No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.

Donate to the rescued Virginia Range wild horses under the care of Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund

Why donate to Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund and the Virginia Range Mustangs Haven? We know there are many, many places you can donate your money. We know there are many good causes to support.

Rest assured, when you donate to HVWHPF and VR Mustangs Haven, you can be confident where your money is going. We are 100% all volunteer – no paid staff. The money we raise goes primarily to hay and care of the rescued horses, with a small percentage to cover administrative costs of running a nonprofit (licensing, tax preparation, etc). Our primary expenses are feed and board, followed by veterinary and farrier care. Currently, you can also donate specifically to our fencing and infrastructure fund to help get the Virginia Range Mustangs Haven ready and open to have all our rescues in one location. You can see our current Funding Priorities HERE.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization Tax ID# 80-0208865

How to donate – you can help the rescued horses of Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund ONLINE using PayPal* for a one time donation, or set up a MONTHLY donation amount, by using the buttons below. *You do not have to have a PayPal account, we simply use them for credit card processing.

You can donate by mail by making your check or money order out to HVWHPF and mailing to:
HVWHPF, PO Box 20052, Reno, NV 89515

If you are local to the Reno, NV area, you can also donate in person at Foothill Feed & Mercantile at 1330 Geiger Grade Rd, Reno, NV 89521, Mon-Fri 10a-6p, Sat 10a-5p.

Interested in speaking with us about a possible grant to HVWHPF? We’d love to talk to you! We have also had wonderful participation from our supporters with matching grants for small to medium sized grants, which can boost the benefit to the horses.
Contact us at


Donate Today!

Choose a one time donation to the general hay and care fund (funds used to pay for feed, board and general care of the rescued horses or projects to keep the wild ones safe on the range):

Choose an automatic monthly donation amount to the general hay and care fund:

Monthly Donation

Choose a donation to our Fencing and Infrastructure Fund for the Virginia Range Mustangs Haven at Equine Legacy Ranch. Fencing materials are $2/foot. For Phase One of fencing we need 10,560 feet!
(Or see our Funding Priorities for larger infrastructure needs)

Grant History

Fall 2017 – A wonderful anonymous donor helped HVWHPF to pay for its 2017-2018 winter hay and catch up on hay bills from last year! Such an incredible donation means so very much to our rescued wild ones. There is no pasture grass for any of our horses throughout the winter months currently, and we need to make sure they have adequate feed. We were able to purchase “big bales” at much lower cost than standard rectangular bales, stretching every dollar as far as we could.

June 2017 – A private donor offered a 3-1 Matching Grant opportunity up to $5400 if we could raise $1800 within a couple week period before an upcoming event. We raised it and the donor matched those funds 3-1! That meant a total of $7200 in donated funds! Grants like this are so incredibly heart felt and appreciated more than we can ever express! THANK YOU to our private donor and to all who donated to help us reach this goal!

November 2016 – A private donor offered up a $1,000 Matching Grant opportunity for HVWHPF. Once again we put the challenge to our supporters who stepped up in force to match that grant, doubling the money to $2,000. 

This type of grant challenge not only provides much needed funding for the HVWHPF horses, but helps engage our supporter community in a fun and fulfilling way. THANK YOU to our angel grant donor and to all those who helped double it!

May 2016
 – HVWHPF was so fortunate and grateful to be the recipient of a $5,000 Matching Grant from the WHC Foundation. We put the challenge to our supporters, and with much support we matched the grant, doubling it to $10,000. This money was much needed for hay and board fees.

We absolutely could not do it without wonderful supporters like you, and generous organizations like the WHC Foundation. Words alone cannot express our thanks!

April 2015 – HVWHPF was the ever so fortunate recipient of a $25,000 Matching Grant from the Bently Foundation. Supporters were able to raise the matching $25,000 which financed board and hay for the 2015-2016 winter months. This kind of foundation grant is always very needed. Thank you Bently Foundation!

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