Adopt a Virginia Range Mustang!

Thinking about adopting your new best friend?

HIDDEN VALLEY WILD HORSE PROTECTION FUND’s mission to protect and preserve the Virginia Range horses takes more than the initial rescue from being sold for slaughter. We want to be certain our rescued horses are still protected throughout their lives.

While we do everything possible to make the adoption process a painless one, we do require a prospective adopter to fill out an adoption application and agree to at least one site visit. Our adoption team needs to know a little about you, your facilities, your experience and your plans for the animal(s) you want to adopt.

Don’t panic! We’re not nasty ogres, we just love our horses and want you to do the same. One of our representatives will be assigned to answer your questions and to guide you through the process. If you’re not sure about a question on the application, feel free to ask for help.

We also understand that no one can predict the future. To make sure our horses never enter the slaughter pipeline again, we have a lifetime take back policy. If an adopter’s live circumstances change making them unable to continue caring for their adopted horse, the horse is to be returned to HVWHPF. 

  • Our adoption fees are – $125 for one horse – $175 for an adult pair.
  • Since most of our horses were born in the wild, the ages listed for some of our older horse kids must be considered as our best guess. We do not guarantee the age of any of our horses.
  • All of our horses will be listed in a national microchip registry. HVWHPF is the primary contact and the adopter will be the secondary contact.
  • Once you have adopted your horse(s), we will do follow up visits to be sure everything is OK with you and your horse(s). Title does not pass to you until at least 12 months after the date of adoption.
  • Although transportation is the adopters responsibility, we are willing to help facilitate the transport.
  • Once your application is approved, we’re happy to have you visit our horses. Just give us a few days notice so we can make arrangements to be there with you. If you are able to visit, be prepared to have a fantastic day. We truly look forward to working with you and would love to meet you in person.

Adoption Application

Adoption Agreement

Lizzie was adopted in 2019 and is now an amazing therapy horse for many wonderful people who she carries on her back and gives her friendship and love to.

We are so very proud of Lizzie and all she has accomplished through her transition as a “wild” one to a “domestic” horse.  Her intelligence and gentle nature made her a perfect fit for the Center for Adaptive Riding and its amazing clients and volunteers.  We are grateful to their volunteers and trainers for giving Lizzie this wonderful opportunity to help so many wonderful people. 


Azul was adopted in 2019 and now lives a wonderful life as a ‘domestic’ horse.

We are grateful to his new owner for giving him a terrific life and continuing his education and training in life with humans and as a life-long companion.


More horses to be listed soon!

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